Dismantling Ticwatch 2

May 16, 2018

Here is detailed description how to take apart your precious piece of watch. But first things first - let's start with disclaimer:



I am not responsible for any damage you may cause to your watch. If your watch is still covered by MOBVOI with 1 year warranty, please submit your case on support.ticwear.com


STEP 1: Removing stickers

Luckily your Ticwatch 2 sports 4 little Phillips screws you need to remove first. They are hidden beneath these SN stickers which you have maybe not noticed till now:



STEP 2: Getting inside

After unscrewing the four little screws you will need pair of sharp guitar picks or similar tools to get slowly inside the watch. There is some sealing you want get rid off, because it is not reusable.


It takes some time before you split the watch, so be patient. You won't find better time to clean your watch thru than now! 

Notice in the up there is hidden some system port (maybe USB like) for factory android flash.  


STEP 3: Stolen crown

There is one flex cable connecting the precious OLED Display to the mobo. I used fresh toothpick to disconnect it. Now you technically halved your watch!  The heavier part with steel crown and display is not needed for batt replacement, so you can store it in safe place now.


STEP 4: Finding the SP372728SE

The mobo is fixed with one last Phillips screw and with some plastic clips you will not damage easily, so get rid of that as you did with two additional flex cables. Theese are connecting the heart monitor and ticle touch feature. But get ready, now comes the tricky part!

There is one last flex cable connecting the battery on the other side. So you have to carefully get beneath the mobo and disconnect it. The problem is the vibrator placed at the bottom of the watch. It is soldered with shorty red+blue cable directly to the mobo and also taped tightly to the back of the watch. I would recommend first loosen a bit the vibrator, then disconnect the battery flex and the mobo is good to go.


STEP 5: Job done!

After disconnecting the battery flex you should be able to remove the craddle carrying the lazy battery and end up the dismantling like this - you see my very first Kickstarter edition HW Version is Mercury B1:












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